Hi, we are a small home rattery based in Lancashire.  We are Lee, Cath and Robyn and we make up Kabbas.


Cath has kept rats for over ten years.  Whilst looking for a breeder of dumbos she discovered that fancy rats have shows.  Fortunately this discovery was about a week before a show in Leeds run by the YRC.  Cath went along to her first rat show with Robyn and a friend in 2003.  They met many breeders there and got talking.  After researching, with Lee, for what felt like years  the first litter was born at Kabbas (referred to back then as Cablerats) and that was just the beginning.


Our rats are bred first and foremost to make great pets.  Temperament is far and away the most important trait to us.  With that ever in our minds we are also attempting to breed Burmese and Russian blue and Russian blue agouti in rex and smooth coats and dumbo and top eared of a good standard (when compared to NFRS variety standards).   


Special thanks have to go to, Karly Robinson for her design skills.